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आपका भरोसा ही, हमारी विश्वसनीयता !

Need Preschool Teachers For Ghatkopar Mumbai !

Need Preschool Teachers with below criteria:
Patience: Young children can be loud, emotional and irrational. Preschool teachers must be patient with young kids who have a tough time expressing themselves or need lots of help learning skills.
Communication Skills: Good writing and speaking skills will help preschool teachers record and deliver children’s progress to parents and other teachers.
Creativity: Keeping young kids’ attention requires creativity. Preschool teachers need to think of new and innovative ways to engage children to learn.
Instructional Skills: Being able to communicate difficult concepts to kids in a way they understand is crucial.
People Skills : Preschool teachers will have to be empathetic to children’s emotions and parent’s needs.
Salary: Undisclosed
Call @ 7715068017/ 7400354876 for meeting and interview

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